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The Menu Assisted Search query allows you to locate single words or phrases (as in a Quick Search) or a combination of words and phrases, using menu choices. For a simple search, enter a word or phrase under "Query Term" and click on "Search." For a compound search, enter the first word or phrase under "Query Term"; click on one of the menu choices to the right (e.g., "AND which ALSO contains"); enter the second word or phrase under "Query Term"; continue until all search terms have been entered, and then click on "Search." An asterisk serves as a wildcard for any number of characters (e.g., manage* will locate manage, manager, management, etc.); a question mark serves as a wildcard for a single character (e.g., manage? will locate manager, manages, managed.) See Help Pages for additional information

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AND which ALSO contains AND which ALSO contains
OR which contains OR which contains
BUT do NOT contains BUT does NOT contain
Within a PARAGRAPH of Within a PARAGRAPH of
In the same PARAGRAPH as In the same PARAGRAPH as
Within 10 WORDS of Within 10 WORDS of
Followed anywhere by Followed anywhere by


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